How To Find Your Server In NBA Live Mobile

In this post, I'm going to show you how you can find your NBA Live server and auction house. 

Knowing your server is essential in NBA Live, here is why:

There are 3 servers on NBA Live Mobile, each server has its own auction house. This means that players listed on Auction House 1 cannot be found on Auction House 2. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Auction House

1. To Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, you need to know what server you are, that way the person who is selling coins can find the card that you have listed. If you are Interested in purchasing some cheap coins, click the bolded text above in the paragraph.

2. Knowing your Auction House allows you to with your friends. You can trade players and coins if you are both on the same auction house.

3. Lastly, you should find out your Auction House if you want to sell coins. 

NBA Live Card Basics

NBA Live Mobile Server

Using The Auction House To Find Your Server

Above is an image of a traditional NBA Live Mobile Card. Each card has certain characteristics that must be listed when buying NBA Live coins. We need this info so we can then locate your card on the transfer market. Once this information has been filled out, let's move on to finding your server.

nba live mobile how to check server

Above is an image from the auction house filter. In order to find which server you are on, you must first understand what a server is. There are 3 servers in NBA Live, basically, when you first log into the game you are put on this server, and are always in it. If you are on server 1, and your friend is server 3, you will not be able to see each others card on the auction house. 

If you want to figure out what server you are, simply enter the information as shown in the filter above. Once you enter, click search and move onto the next step.

nba live mobile how to change server

In the image above we can see that one player has appeared on the screen. The buy now price is listed as 11,111,111. This means that this account is on server 1. If the buy now price was 22,222,222, that would mean that that account is on server 2, and so on for server 3. 

We hope this guide has helped you find your server in NBA Live Mobile, don't forget that you can always purchase coins from our website and receive them instantly. 

Still Confused? 

We get it, this guide might be confusing to beginners. That's why our support is here to help you! Just click the following bolded link for our 24/7 Support.