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NBA Live Mobile is a tough game, if you don't have good enough players you're most likely going to get destroyed trying to play against other opponents. Yikes, even the CPU might beat you sometimes. The first thought that comes to mind when someone wants to win more in the game, is that they need more coins. So you'll guess what comes next, they head over to google looking for a way to get some free NBA coins. They see a bunch of fishy links like this one. I mean come on guys, you are really going to trust websites like this, that claim your will get Free NBA Live Coins & Cash, are you really going to fall for this trickery? 

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Our giveaways are simple, enter to win Free NBA Live Mobile Coins. Yes, we said it, free. One of our main objectives is to create a great experience for our visitors. We try out best to put out a giveaway every day. Most of the daily giveaways will be of players or of coin amounts. For bigger giveaways, they will last a few more days. These include free giveaways of millions and millions of coins. But the real question, how do our giveaways work. To enter a giveaway you normally have to follow us on Twitter or other social media like Facebook and Instagram. Make sure that you enter all the correct info that way we can contact you if you win. For example, if you put in a false email and you win, how are we to contact you? To claim your coins we will message you and ask you to list a card on the market. We like to keep the giveaways running as fast as possible which is why we allow a max of 4 days to claim your NBA live coins. These giveaways are held on all auction houses and servers. Which means that if you are on server 1 and you win 1 million coins, we will give you a million coins on that server. So simply to enter the giveaway follow all the steps that the instructions say. Make sure you enter the correct info as well that way we can contact you. Often times in our giveaways there will be an option if you share a giveaway with friends you will receive extra entries. We try to keep the giveaways as honest and simple as possible. Obviously, if your only Twitter account is one that you use for work you most likely don't want to be sharing a video game on your timeline. This is why we create different entries options for all people. So good luck and try to get as many entries as you can get!