FAQ For Buying NBA Live Mobile Coins

How can I buy NBA Live coins online?

We want you to have the best experience to buying NBA Live Mobile Coins Online, we make it safe, simple and instant. To purchase coins, add the amount of coins you wish to buy to your cart, then fill out the required information. Please be careful when filling out the player information because this is how we find your card. If we cannot find your card then we cannot deliver your coins. If you do make a mistake in your player info, send us a picture of the card you listed and we will buy it. Once all of your player info is correct, head over to checkout. From this point make sure all of your information is correct especially your email because that is our preferred method of contacting you. Once the payment is complete, sit back and wait for your coins to arrive into your NBA live mobile account. If 2 hours has passed and you haven't been able to claim your coins, there was most likely an error in finding your card. Simply contact our friendly support and they will help you out!

How can I sell NBA Live coins online?

Selling NBA Live coins online is just as easy as buying coins. Simply send us and email with what platform you want to sell coins on, what server you are, and how much you would like to sell. We will get back to you when we need more coins. Payment is via PayPal, we pay immediately after we receive the coins. In the email, also mention how much you would like to be paid for them, this helps make the process shorter.

You are out of stock, when will you have more stock?

We rarely even run out of coins to sell, but if we do please send us an email and asking for a notification of when we are back in stock. We occasionally will be in high demand and will need time to sell some of the players on our bench. Otherwise, we should never be out of coins to sell!

How long does it take to deliver my coins?

On most occasions, coins are delivered in a maximum of 30 minutes. Once we receive your order we attempt to buy your card the first moment we have. Please keep in mind though that we are human and we can be busy at times. This is why we always ask that you list your card for at least 24 hours. If you order overnight, for example at 2 in the morning, we most likely won't be able to buy your card till you wake up. We ask all our customers to be patient for you NBA live mobile coins to arrive. Please remember that if you card it not bought in 24 hours we will issue a full refund of your order.

Where do I enter my discount code?

Did you receive a discount code from a promotion or from a YouTube sponsor? During checkout there is an option to enter your discount code get a large discount on your NBA live mobile coins. Some discount codes will be given out during festive times as well so be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with our sales on coins.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept PayPal only. Please keep in mind that to you use PayPal you do not have to have PayPal balance. Using PayPal, we accept credit cards and debit cards. We use PayPal because it is safe, easy and trusted by millions. If you don't have an account, no problem, paypal accepts most major debit and credit cards and you do not need a PayPal account to use them. Please keep in mind, like in all NBA Ultimate Team transactions, EA keeps 5% of the coins. We wish they didn't do this because it does take a decent amount of the coins you bought, but we understand that it balances out the market.

My order is under review, what does that mean and how long until I get my coins?

We use a few services to help lower risk of fraud and other occurrences. If you order is under review its most likely so we can confirm the payment was made and all is safe. Order review normally take no more than 30 minutes if you are chosen. If you still have problems after that please contact our customer service or send us an email if you have still not received your coins after purchasing.

My order was refunded, why?

There are many cases why your order might have been refunded. First, the most common mistake, is that we were unable to find your player on the transfer market. Is it important to make sure that when listing your player you put all the correct information in our system. If we are unable to find your card, we will send you an email asking for a screenshot. If the customer does not respond to the email in one week we then refund the order. Second, We use several services to mitigate risk of fraud. If we are alerted that a customer is at any way associated with fraud the order will be refunded immediately. If you have concerns or questions about your refunded order, or would like to find out why; contact us at NBALiveCoinStore@gmail.com Please note: We reserve the right to refuse any order.

Do you only accept payments in USD ($)?

No, We accept all payments worldwide. Our will first be shown in USD, but can easily be changed to a different currency by selecting your desired currency in the top of our website. Our Payment Processors accept all payment options, but you might have to pay a fee because of exchange rates. The current exchange rates will be used to calculate your order fee. For an approximation you can check here:

Are you legit? Is this site a scam?

Oddly, we get asked this question quite a lot. We believe this is because a lot of members of the community attempt to scam others. Our service is safe and reliable, we use PayPal checkout which allows the customer to issue a full refund if they are un satisfied with their order. We have traded millions of NBA live coins, but if you are still concerned, contact one of our youtube sponsors or scroll though our Twitter for some testimonials of us! http://www.twitter.com/NBACoinStores

I have a YouTube channel, if I sponsor you will you give me free coins?

We try to sponsor as many youtube channels as possible, but not all channels will receive free NBA live mobile coins. Some NBA live youtube channels will receive a commission sponsorship with us. If you are interested in a possible contract where you get paid weekly in PayPal or coins, send us a email: Nbalivecoinstore@gmail.com

Can I exchange my NBA Live Coins for another server?

Yes, If you want to get coins on a different NBA Live server or auction house send us and email. Our email can be found in the contact page. Once you send us the coins we can offer store credit for a sell order which allows you to buy coins for a different server.

Do you sell NBA Live coins for Xbox or PlayStation?

No, at the moment we only sell NBA Live Coins on mobile, more specifically iOS and Android. We will look into selling coins for Xbox and PlayStation late down the line.