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EA Sports has added a new program inside the game NBA Live Mobile. This time, a trade deadline program. As most people know, the trade deadline is right toward the end of all-star break. During this time teams tend to make quick trades in hopes of having a successful second half to the season. Some teams get ready for a title run, while others look to improve for next season by trading for draft picks. 

NBA Live Mobile allows you to go inside the trade deadline with their launch of a program that features trade deadline moves.
Here is a list of the NBA players added inside of the NBA Trade Deadline Program:

40 New NBA Live Trade Deadline Players

  • 20 Deadline Players are released into Deadline Packs which are availble for purchase with cash or coins in the store
  • 16 Deadline PlayerUP items that can be obtained through completing Deadline Live Events and Deadline Bundles
  • The best player featured in this promo is 92 OVR "Deadline Hero" Buddy Hield. Hield is available Monday in the Deadline pack for 48 hours. EA has announced that more players will be released throughout the week during the promo

Deadline Live Events

Throughout the week of this promo, there will be two game Deadline Live Events each day. Every day a new hero will be used in the live event that you will be given for free. The idea of the live event is that you can play with the Hero's old and new team. The reward for winning this live event is a PlayerUp collectable. 

Here is a full list of all new players inside of NBA Live and their ratings:

Trade Deadline Players

  • 92 OVR Buddy Hield 
  • 92 OVR DeMarcus Cousins 
  • 89 OVR Serge Ibaka 
  • 88 OVR Buddy Hield 
  • 87 OVR Tyreke Evans 
  • 86 OVR Louis Williams 
  • 86 OVR Kyle Korver 
  • 85 OVR Nerlens Noel 

PlayerUp Players

  • 81 OVR Tyreke Evans 
  • 81 OVR Louis Williams 
  • 80 OVR Nerlens Noel 
  • 80 OVR Kyle Korver 
  • 79 OVR Ersan Ilyasova 
  • 78 OVR Bojan Bogdanovic 
  • 78 OVR Taj Gibson 
  • 78 OVR Doug McDermott 
  • 77 OVR Terrence Ross 
  • 77 OVR P.J. Tucker 
  • 77 OVR Jusuf Nurkic 
  • 76 OVR Corey Brewer 
  • 76 OVR Cameron Payne 

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    Hi there! i believe i should win because i need coins to upgrade my bench and maybe do a shopping spree!

  • Kimberly Fung on

    Hi there! I believe I should win this giveaway because I really need more coins to buy better players. Thank you.

  • Rahu on

    I should win because it will help my team.

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