Ray Allen & Antonio McDyess Added in NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live Mobile New Releases

EA has released two new legends in NBA LIVE Mobile:

  • 95 OVR Antonio McDyess '01 (Defensive Lineup; PF)
  • 95 OVR Ray Allen '09 (Big Man Lineup; SG)

Ray Allen can be pulled through packs with coins, while Antonio McDyess can be earned by completing his Legends set.

To complete the set for Antonio McDyess you will need the following collectibles: 

  • 1 Legend Trophy
  • 3 2001 Featured Year Collectibles
  • 2 Denver Nuggets Team Collectibles
  • 1 Number 24 Jersey Collectible
  • 15 Elite Trophies 

NBALiveCoinStores was able to use each of these players. Ray Allen definitely got snagged on the 3 point rating. He deserves at least a 92+ rating for 3 pointers. Overall neither of these cards are worth the price value in our opinion. There are some much better cards you can add to your lineup instead.


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