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Today EA Sports has released an amazing new program for NBA Live Mobile. As a part of NCAA Basketball tournament know as March Madness, Mobile Madness is the new program in NBA Live! The program starts March 14th and will run throughout the month, now that's some madness!

From the first looks of it, this event very well could be one of the most exciting events all year!

Here is a rundown on what you can find in the game during the Mobile Madness promo:

Legends of March

Right off the bat there are 4 Master “Legends of March” players new to the program. These four players are some that turned heads during the legendary march Madness Tournament. They are very well know names and are listed below.
* Stephen Curry
* Patrick Ewing
* Christian Laettner
* Carmelo Anthony

When you log on to NBA Live Mobile today, you are going to receive a FREE Legends of March pack. This pack contains four 80 OVR Legends of March players and 2 Bracket collectibles. This is is a great way to get started with the promo, a free pack! This pack is going to allow you to start building your first March Legend. These March Legends require 2 Bracket collectibles as well as the 80 OVR March Legend. 

Another addition to the Mobile Madness Program are new sets! There are many new sets added to NBA Live, like the Legends of March which we mentioned above, and a Round of 64 Set. We can expect to see many more sets released by EA as the month moves on.

These sets allow you to upgrade your 80 OVR Masters to an 83 OVR and then later even higher! This event allows you to continue upgrading your cards to higher levels and ratings. These players all fit great into all lineups. EA has noted that there is much more content coming along with this event, which should surely be interesting.

PlayerUp Players
In the store right now, there are four Campus Hero Bundles for sale. These bundles can only be purchased with EA cash, which is unfortunate because it is much cheaper to buy coins. Never the less, these four bundles contain a PlayerUp from each of the regions in the tournament. These players overalls will change based on their performance in the tournament. This is a nice addition because it brings even more excitement to watching the madness unfold anyway.

Below is a list of the PlayerUp players but without their ratings, because they are subject to change.
* John Stockton
* J.J. Redick
* Wilt Chamberlain
* Anthony Davis

Live Events
Lastly, there will be Live Events just for the Mobile Madness event. These Live Events will reward you with much needed collectibles to upgrade your players to higher ratings. There will be lots of like events throughout this month so make sure you log in everyday and keep up to date with the news around the tournament.

In conclusion this Mobile Madness event is perfect. There is tons of new content and it should be exciting to follow the tournament while playing the game. At first, I was skeptical about how EA would get the college rights to the players because of previous troubles with the law. EA is unable to promote specific teams or more importantly players in the tournaments. This is unfortunate for EA, but I am still very happy how they made it work. This event will for sure be fun to play. Remember keep up with the news from EA by following their Facebook

Remember, this event will be even better if you have coins to buy all the limited edition players. Be sure to head over to NBALiveCoinStores to purchase all of your coins today. We have the cheapest price and quickest delivery, so what are you waiting for!


EA has now released 20 "Round of 64" Mobile Madness Players. These players are taken from the teams in the round of 64. A list of all the players is below with the lineup and poisition 

89 OVR Jameer Nelson (Shooting Lineup; PG)
88 OVR Michael Beasley (Defensive Lineup; PF)
87 OVR Shabazz Napier (Big Man Lineup; PG)
87 OVR Kyle Korver (Small Ball Lineup; SF)
86 OVR Jodie Meeks (Small Ball Lineup; SG)
86 OVR Ben Simmons (Two-Way Lineup; PF)
85 OVR Gordon Hayward (Shooting Linep; SF)
85 OVR Seth Curry (Defensive Lineup; PG)
84 OVR Ben McLemore (Two-Way Lineup; SG)
84 OVR Tyus Jones (Big Man Lineup; PG)

In addition, there are new sets added to the game:

Mobile Madness: To complete this set simply add 2 Campus Heroes from Campus Hero live events, packs and sets to earn a gold or elite Mobile Madness Player.
Round of 64: To complete this set add 5 gold Mobile Madness players from packs and sets to earn 10 Bracket collectibles.
Round of 32: Round of 32 sets are not available yet but they should be unlocked soon.

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