Larry Bird & Magic Johnson Added to NBA Live Mobile

nba live mobile New Releases

EA Sports has released two new legends in NBA LIVE Mobile: 

  • 95 OVR Larry Bird '88 (Shooting Lineup; SF)
  • 94 OVR Magic Johnson '92 (Big Man Lineup; PG)

NBALiveCoinStores has been able to try both of these players out. First, we think Bird is one of the best players in the game right now. At SF, he is much bigger than others, as goes for Johnson who is a tank at PG. Both of the players are very hard to stop. Bird has a devastating jump shot, and johnson can drive to the rim uncontested.

Magic Johnson can be pulled through packs with coins, so be sure to stock up for a big pack opening.

Larry Bird can be earned by completing his Legends set. The following are needed to complete his set. 

  • 1 Legend Trophy
  • 3 1988 Featured Year Collectibles
  • 2 Boston Celtics Team Collectibles
  • 1 Number 33 Jersey Collectible
  • 15 Elite Trophies 

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