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New All-Star Weekend content has arrived into NBA Live Mobile!

Its almost All-Star weekend NBA LIVE Mobile fans! The NBA All-Star game is just a few days away and a ton of new content has been added to the game, including cards, sets, and live events.
Here is a look at the NBA All-Star program
Over 40+ new players have been released in NBA Live Mobile as apart of today's content update. You can open in packs or use coins to purchase All-Star contestants, Rising Star challenge players, All-Star starters, reserves, and 5 96 OVR All-Star Weekend Masters.  
Here is a full list of all of the new players released in NBA Live Mobile

All-Star Masters
* 96 OVR Russell Westbrook (Shooting Lineup; PG)
* 96 OVR Stephen Curry (Defensive Lineup; SG)
* 96 OVR Andrew Wiggins (Small Ball Lineup; SF)
* 96 OVR Blake Griffin (Big Man Lineup; PF)
* 96 OVR Karl-Anthony Towns (Two-Way Lineup; C)

All-Star Elites
* 94 OVR LeBron James (Big Man Lineup; PG)
* 94 OVR Kevin Durant (Two-Way Lineup; SG)
* 93 OVR Stephen Curry (Small Ball Lineup; SF)
* 93 OVR James Harden (Two-Way Lineup; PG)
* 93 OVR Kawhi Leonard (Defensive Lineup; PF)
* 92 OVR Kyrie Irving (Big Man Lineup; SG)
* 92 OVR DeMar DeRozan (Small Ball Lineup; SF)
* 92 OVR Jimmy Butler (Shooting Lineup; PF)
* 92 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo (Defensive Lineup; C)
* 92 OVR Anthony Davis (Shooting Lineup; C)
* 91 OVR Russell Westbrook (Two-Way Lineup; PG)
* 89 OVR Draymond Green (Shooting Lineup; PF)
* 89 OVR DeMarcus Cousins (Small Ball Lineup; C)
* 88 OVR John Wall (Shooting Lineup; PG)
* 88 OVR Klay Thompson (Big Man Lineup; SG)
* 87 OVR Isaiah Thomas (Defensive Lineup; SG)
* 87 OVR Gordon Hayward (Defensive Lineup; SF)
* 87 OVR Kemba Walker (Big Man Lineup; PG)
* 87 OVR Kyle Lowry (Small Ball Lineup; PG)
* 87 OVR Marc Gasol (Two-Way Lineup; C)
* 86 OVR Paul George (Shooting Lineup; SF)
* 86 OVR Paul Millsap (Big Man Lineup; PF)
* 86 OVR Kevin Love (Small Ball Lineup; PF)
* 86 OVR DeAndre Jordan (Two-Way Lineup; C)

Live Events

New to NBA LIVE Mobile are the All-Star Live Events that allows you to play like a real All-Star. Here is list of Live Events that you can play within the game this week.
* 3 Point Contest
* Skills Challenge
* Rising Stars
* Slam-Dunk Contest
* All-Star Game


Along with the new players, new sets have rolled out to NBA Live Mobile. Now we have had our own experience with these sets and they are money makers for us. Here is a list of the sets in the game.
* Skills Competitor
* Future Star
* All-Star Reserve
* All-Star Starter
* All-Star Vote Winner
* All-Star Master

Don't have enough coins to buy some of the players for this promo? Head over to our website and buy NBA Live Mobile coins today!

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